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If you long to feel more FLUID in all your movement... this is what Feldenkrais® individual and class sessions can do.


  • Looking for better BALANCE?

Practice and improve balance, and explore ways to get up and down off the ground


  • Want to improve your WALKING?

Cadence, tempo, amplitude, and the diagonal relationships between arms and legs are all critical to easier, more fluid walking


  • Like to feel more GROUNDED in your feet?

Wake up your feet and get more information about your weight bearing, experience your feet and ankles as balance sensors


  • Increase Core awareness

Start to sense how your hips and pelvis are the centre of support, balance and power.



The Feldenkrais Method® influences the neurological patterns that determine our movement. We can re-experience movement patterns that we may have "forgotten" and so improve our repertoire of movement. 


I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in September 2014 at age 59.


I tried the recommended Tai Chi and PD Warriors classes, but unfortunately both were too physically hard for me.

​ ​

Looking for some other form of exercise I started Pilates, which I still enjoy, but I was / am always was looking for something more.


​When I joined ​Wendy’s Feldenkrais classes in 2015,​ I hoped to find some relief from my body’s stiffness and pains. After the first session, I didn’t think I was getting much from it. How on earth could these small movements, mostly on one side of the body, help me? Would I be able actually stand up and walk home at all?


But to my absolute astonishment I was amazed with my movements as I walked across the room after the class.  My body was definitely moving differently and without pain and stiffness.  And from then I was hooked.

My advice to anyone considering Feldenkrais is . . . try it! Don’t be put off by fear or scepticism, wondering “will this really work for me?”


It will.


Wendy is a great teacher, individually correcting our postures during the sessions, which I personally find very helpful. You will meet lovely people, but most of all, you will find relief from pain and stiffness and thus improve your posture”.


Michaela Halton




North Hobart

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