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 Do you remember the days when you moved without pain and stiffness?
Would you like your movement to be light and effortless again?



We'd love to see you there!

Classes with Wendy



4.30 -5.30

November 13th, 20th, 27th,

December 4th, 11th 2019

Feldenkrais Hobart

119 Lansdowne Crescent, West Hobart

Phone: 0447 120 688

Classes with Nicole


Tuedays at 6pm

Drukha Studio 208 Warwick Street,

West Hobart


Thursdays 1.30

Women's Health Tasmania

25 Lefroy St, North Hobart

Phone: 0409 896 576

These gentle lessons in Mindful Movement offer a way to re-make neurological connections that form the basis of everyday movements, to let go of discomfort 

Develop new freedom in your ways of thinking about your body and your pain

Be reminded of a sense of delight in your movement and smooth movement in your spine!

In the course of the lessons, I will guide you through a sequence of mindful movement patterns, going right back to the fundamental developmental movement connections a baby learns on the ground, before getting up and walking. 

We explore these motor patterns - refining how you move - to influence the ease and fluidity of your movement. You will discover ways to involve your whole body in moving, to take the strain off individual muscles and joints, improving your balance and co-ordination. Over time, you will learn to move in a more intelligent, effective and efficient way, making everyday activities easier to perform, increasing sensitivity, grace and ease. Your walking will be easier, your balance improved and you will feel lighter and more coordinated in subtle and surprising ways.

And as you calm your nervous system, tension, anxiety and stress melt away.

Mindful Movement

 Flexibility of your body and mind

Classes will be held in my own new studio which I've lovingly re-purposed from work-shed to Feldie Studio over the last 12 months . . .

Studio Feldenkrais Hobart

119 Lansdowne Crescent, West Hobart

On going classes November 13th to December 11th, 2019

Wednesdays 4.30 - 5.30 pm

$20 drop in

Still a few places left, so your booking for the remaining

weeks is welcome. Or call me beforehand if you would like to drop in

​When I joined ​Wendy’s Feldenkrais® classes in 2015,​ I hoped to find some relief from my body’s stiffness and pain. After the first session, I didn’t think I was getting much from it. How on earth could these small movements, mostly on one side of the body, help me? Would I be able actually stand up and walk home at all?


But to my absolute astonishment I was amazed with my movements as I walked across the room after the class.  My body was definitely moving differently and without pain and stiffness.  And from then I was hooked.

My advice to anyone considering Feldenkrais® is . . . try it! Don’t be put off by fear or scepticism, wondering “will this really work for me?”


It will.


Wendy is a great teacher, individually correcting our postures during the sessions, which I personally find very helpful. You will meet lovely people, but most of all, you will find relief from pain and stiffness and thus improve your posture.


North Hobart

(before I started Awareness Through Movement classes) I had spent a considerable amount of time and money looking for something/anything that would help my chronic right hip and leg discomfort to pain.


During that period of 3 years I had tried everything and no one could give me an answer or a cure.  I had lost all confidence in my body and felt that I couldn't trust my right leg on any uneven surface, up slopes or steps.


I had heard of Feldenkrais but didn't really know anything about it but when I saw that a class was being offered at the Women's Health Tasmania in North Hobart, I felt I had nothing to lose.


After a very short time I really felt that something was changing and that my body was softening and not holding everything so tense.  Then came a breakthrough when I spontaneously ran across a road.  Not fast, mind you, but there had been no thought process that I had to be careful. Just a bit exciting!


I attend 1 class a week and do a taped session at home each week.  Sometimes I do another if my body tells me it would be a good idea.


Who would have thought that subtle, micro movements could make such a difference?


A grateful participant, Nan Johnston



Thanks for forwarding the info about the workshop last weekend.


What a fabulous day (despite the crowd)! I have been walking so much more freely since then. In fact, while part of me has been aware that I don't put much weight on my toes as I walk, I find that if I do, the tension in my left hip is reduced. 


I hadn't realised how little I used my trunk either. I had surgery in my thoracic area about 15 years ago and suspect that it has been set in stone ever since!


I now feel far less tension in my shoulders. Now to work on the breaking those ingrained habits!


North Hobart

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Video of a class

Our hip joints are the largest joints in the body and are the key to easy,  comfortable, buoyant and grounded movement.    

Many of us only have only a vague idea of their location in our body or their function. When your hip joints don’t  function optimally, movement becomes more difficult, inefficient and even painful.

Using gentle movements from the Feldenkrais Method,® this series of classes will help you discover your hip joints and explore their potential for easier movement. The positive effects of these lessons will flow on to many daily activities, like sitting, standing, walking, cycling, practicing yoga and dancing . . . . . 

If you haven't been to a class for a while or know someone who is Felden-kurious, come along to these taster classes, and see what you make of it:)

You will experience a unique way of combining movement, breathing and body alignment in a context of mindfulness, in a practice that offers a practical way to release areas of chronic tension, improve movement and change things in the brain itself. Beginners and drop ins welcome


These lessons will remind you of movements that have dropped out of your movement vocabulary:  whether from age, injury, trauma or just bad habits. 

You will experience yourself in a whole new way –and feel lighter, freer and in less pain than you imagined was possible. These new possibilities will bring about more strength, balance, fluidity, ease and calm.


At The Fourth Floor, you can come along for the whole series of classes. 



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