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Working with babies and children~ hope, learning and transformation

Are you worried about your baby not reaching developmental milestones?

Does your baby have special needs?

How can I help?

If your child hasn't developed normal movement patterns for some reason, I can work gently with my hands to help your child to discover these motor patterns.

Early building blocks are fundamental to future movement: if these have been missed we can work together to put these patterns into your child's nervous system.​

What are these early building blocks?

Well, we take them for granted.
We don't understand their significance until they're not there. . . 
  • following with our eyes
  • turning our head
  • reaching out voluntarily to grasp something
  • rolling over
  • sitting up
  • finding support in gravity on all fours
  • being able to weight and unweight to begin to crawl
  • developing a contralateral movement pattern in crawling 
   All these things have to be in place before a child can begin to walk
  • Premature babies

  • Delayed milestones (developmental delay

  • Tummy time refusal

  • Bottom shuffling

  • Toe walking

  • High or low muscle tone

  • Poor movement repertoire

  • Sensory processing issues

  • Difficulty with self regulation, concentration and focus

  • Visual impairment causing delayed development

  • Sensory defensiveness or sensory seeking

  • Autism spectrum disorders

 Musculosketal issues
  • Hip dysplasia

  • Postural issues

  • Injuries


If your baby fits this picture 

interested in infant massage?

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